1.5 Crores and 40 eggs for Prabhas!

There are heroes who just change costumes and hairstyles for each movie and try to impress audiences. Also there are those who go to any extent just for the sake of character they are playing. Among such, hunk hero Prabhas is one.

Pumping iron is a common thing, but pumping it so high for gaining 20 kilos and get shapes that are quite essential for Baahubali role is made possible by Prabhas. After interacting with WWF wrestlers, our hero imported 1.5 crore worth equipment home to build that heavy muscled body. Even without hiring a foreign trainer, Prabhas has built that heavy cut-out by using equipment properly and through strict diet regimen. His breakfast comprises of 40 half boiled egg whites blended with protein powder.

To get a hulk-like monstrous body for Rajamouli designed character, Prabhas’ hard efforts are really paying off. A unit member says that when the actor goes shirtless, it will be a real feast for fans who love to watch masculine bodies on silver screen. That’s Prabhas for you folks!