1 Lakh Dinner With Pawan Kalyan

Are you a fan of Pawan Kalyan? Then this is something that might interest you. Come November 29th, the famous JRC Convention center will be bustling with a lot of activity. The reason for that is the program ‘Dine With Stars’ organized by the Tollywood industry and the objective is to collect funds for Hudhud relief. A couple ticket is being priced at Rs 1 lakh wherein they get to have dinner with stars and take pictures with them. 
They can also interact with the stars during the dinner and have a gala time. Which stars will come is not revealed yet but one talk is spreading with a lot of conviction and belief. It is heard that that power star Pawan Kalyan is coming as the special guest and if he is coming then many will not hesitate to put 1 lakh. Some say if it is not PK then it is not worth spending so much. 
Looking at the current trend and craze for Pawan, it is quite understandable. He is one star who is not accessible and unreachable. So, many have craving to see him because of his meteoric rise in politics and films. If the grapevine is confirmed there is going to be a huge turnout and large amount can be collected for the relief fund. Let us see what happens.