11 crore package for Aagadu?

Srinu Vytla is one of the most sought-after directors in Telugu film industry now. His superb track record and guaranteed commercial success formula is making producers, superstars to run after him. Producers are willing to pay anything that he asks for. With his demand going up like never before, Srinu Vytla is reaping the benefits of it.

Grapevine is that Srinu Vytla is being paid a package deal of whopping Rs. 11 Crore for script and direction of Aagadu. This deal includes the remuneration of writers too. But Srinu Vylta is going to get more than Rs 10 Crore for this film as there is no established writer working on this film. Srinu Vytla’s favorite writer duo Kona and Gopi Mohan are not on board for Aagadu.

The writers are relatively new or less known. But the producers paid the deal including their remuneration it seems. The young writers must be more than happy to bag such a prestigious film and surely they won’t be demanding for big bucks. Hence, Srinu Vytla has hit a jackpot if these rumors are to be believed. Whatever, let’s hope that this film live up to the expectations as this comes from Dookudu combo.