1.25 Cr Doled Out For Fading Heroine


Demanding hefty pay-checks was always part and parcel of Trisha Krishnan’s illustrious career, which took a dramatic downward curve couple of years back. And when she signed her recent Telugu flick, many thought as she lost offers she took that. But the fact is that she charged an astronomical sum, looking at the need.

To shake her legs with Nandamuri Balakrishna in the latest ‘Godse’, Trisha has charged an whopping 1.25 crores, revealed a source. Makers have doled out huge price for this dusky siren for the fact that they are finding it tough to sign a heroine for Balayya among the present generation flock. ‘Of course she is a fading heroine, but Balayya insisted that we go with her as her presence adds more glitter to the flick’, the source quipped.

Earlier, makers of Godse have approached Kajal Agarwal too, and she scared them by quoting 2 crores. When knocked doors, Tamanna rejected their proposal smoothly as she got no dates that time. And the only option was to settle down for Trisha, though she is fading she is pricey. Godse shooting is currently progressing briskly at RFC, with both Balayya and Trisha taking part in it.