14 Reels Super deal to Balakrishna!

It is known that Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Legend is being co-produced by 14 Reels Entertainments. We are said that the producers have given a bumper offer kind of deal to the actor. According to the agreement, he will be paid 30 Crores for 3 films.

The films in the deal are Legend, a new film directed by Tamil director Hari and Balayya’s son, Mokshagna’s debut movie. It is said 10 Crores is already paid in advance to the actor. The producers at 14 Reels Entertainment are the best crop in Tollywood. They are masters in film production, distribution and marketing.
The care they take for their movies is a dream come true for any actor. Anil Sunkara, Gopi Chand Achanta and Ram Achanta, the people behind 14 Reels Entertainment banner are NRIs having consulting business in United States. They have done enough market research before venturing in to Tollywood.