1.5 Sruthi + 1 Dhanush + 0.5 Aish = 3 Movie

Much hyped ‘3’ movie in which world famous song Kolaveri is a part has hit theatres the other day. Let’s check the first talk of it from theatres.
As imagined, the film is a breezy love story. But, the love drama exists only in the first half with second half going more pathos. The very idea of hero’s death is not indigestible for many entertainment loving audiences. With the sole clutch unraveled by interval, one loses interest post interval. Cine lovers say ‘First half is entertaining in a very realistic way. We have recollected our childhood incidents and college love. But second half is dragged with too much misery inserted into the revealed story line’.
In performances, Sruthi Hassan rocks with her weeping and emotions once again. While Dhanush too did his part as mentally imbalanced guy, his wife and director Aishwarya did justice to screenplay but selected an average script. Simply, 3 movie is just 1.5 Sruthi, 1 Danush and 0.5 Aishwarya Danush!