2 States Remake: Mother Aspect Disappoints

Bad casting plans of Telugu films continue to wonder audiences because never these commercial movie makers are sticking to native actors to get authentic looks. From picking Keerthi Suresh to play a Savitri than choosing any native actor, here comes another such surprising thing.

The novel written by Chetan Bhagat, 2 States, is all about two families, the boy’s family from Gujarat and girl’s family from Tamilnadu coming together for their kids’ love. Now when the film is made into a movie, as it happens to be a Hindi film, the leads are chosen from Bollywood only (Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt) but other characters are picked to suit the native needs. In this film, the character of heroine’s mother is very important as the whole story revolves around her ego in the second half. For that reason, the makers tried to make the character of Tamil Brahmin look original by roping in Revathi Nair to get that south Indian touch.

Cut to Telugu version, we hear that Bhagyasree is seen as the mother of Telugu boy played by Adivi Sesh, while Lissy will be seen as the mother of Bengali girl, which will be essayed by Sivani Rajasekhar. Many feel that a Telugu actress as boy’s mother and a Bengali actress as girl’s mother would have brought more authenticity.

On the other side, many feel that an actor should play any native, any ethnicity, religion and region with ease. So let’s hope these two senior heroines will do their best as mothers in this film.