3 Contributions of Rajamouli to Amaravati Designs

Director Rajamouli has finally broken his silence on his contribution to the designs of Amaravati, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Speaking to media, Rajamouli in detail explained his role and his work for the designs conceptualized by British architect firm Foster and Partners. Rajamouli recalled that when he had first met the team of Foster and Partners, CM Chandrababu had asked them to work on the two major designs.

The British architect firm said to have given a detailed presentation on both the designs today and finally one design has been unanimously selected by CM Chandrababu, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Minister Narayana, CRDA Officials and others (including Rajamouli). It is learnt that the Tower Design has been approved by the AP state government and a formal announcement on the same is expected to be made in media.

Expounding on his contribution, Rajamouli said, “There was no official documentation from AP State Government. I have prepared an official document taking inputs from the CM and shared it with the designers to make it easy. Chandrababu Naidu garu wanted the building to be Pride of Telugu. He wanted it to be an iconic structure representing Indian history, culture and gave me a brief on how it should look like. He wants building to be made such that people would come forward to visit the place only to see the monument. This is my first contribution to Amaravati Designs.”

“The second contribution is where Foster and Partners had sought some images representing Telugu culture, identity, tradition and Indian history for one of the designs. I have provided the same and the images tell a beautiful story. However, the design wasn’t finalised. But everyone have liked the concept and images that may be used in Media City or Cultural Center or any other construction of the government.”

“The third contribution is a concept that I have envisaged inside the building to have a Telugu Talli Statue upon which Sunrays would be directly fall. This one was also unanimously liked by the team,” Rajamouli added.

“The final design is almost confirmed. Only practical problems are being guaged. Once everything is ascertained, government will make formal announcement to media. It is a tower design. But I have no role in the Tower Design,” said Rajamouli. Rajamouli hoped that the buildings would be completed by March 2019.

On parting note, he admitted that he has done ‘little’ for the Amaravati designs. Drawing analogy of Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge), he compared himself to Udatha (Squirrel) indicating that he is getting good name, fame despite doing little contribution.