44-Store Secretariat Complex in AP Capital?

With the location of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh finally a settled issue, the first government of the truncated state has now set its focus on the infrastructure of the new capital. AP government is now coming up with a grand plan for its buildings, offices and the buzz is that the plan is such that the new Singaporean-capital would beat World’s famous Capitol Hill of Washington. 
Efforts are under way to set up the proposed Camp Office-cum-Residence of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister along the banks of river Krishna towards Vijayawada, while the Secretariat, Assembly, Raj Bhavan and High Court to come up on the opposite side in Guntur district. With six-lane roads and garden spread across 20-km stretch, new capital AP is expected to be the greenest city. CM Naidu is adamant that the capital city should be ultramodern boasting skyscrapers, several huge parks and fountains. 
We hear that the blueprint has 44-storey Secretariat complex which is included on Naidu’s insistence. It is learnt that the blueprint of AP Capital is ready but it’ll be finalized only after a team of experts from Singapore visits the city in the first week of December as they need to confirm whether it’s practically possible or not. Already a team of Singapore-engineers, who had paid a visit to capital city and examined the soil, are said to are said to be not in favour of skyscrapers in the AP capital region as the sub-surface soil is sandy and “unfit” for skyscrapers. 
But Naidu had reportedly retaliated and told them that when there is technology to “create islands and tall structures in the middle of the sea”, the sandy soil should not pose a problem for constructing skyscrapers. With this, the skyscrapers in AP capital turned out to be challenging for Singapore-experts. If all goes well, Chandrababu Naidu wants to lay the foundation for the new capital on March 21, on the eve of Ugadi. The idea is to mark that day as the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Telugu people.