Nani’s Emotional Tweet On His Mother’s Last Day At Work

Here’s the Natural Star Nani posing with his mother Vijayalakshmi. Today, after 30 years of service, Nani’s mother retires from her job as a pharmacist at a reputed hospital. On this special occasion, Nani took to Twitter and tweeted an emotional message.

“30 years industry as a Pharmacist . Always smiles and ready to help. Doctors love her, patients love her more and we love her the most! Today is her last day at work 🙂 Proud of u Amma You are the most beautiful person ever,” said Nani.

In one of his old interviews, Nani revealed that his mother has always been his strength and that she played a crucial role in his humble upbringing. Despite Nani’s stardom, his mother always preferred going to office in a bus.