5 Kurnool YSRCP MLAs have join in TDP?

CBN “Akarsh Mantra” creates political disturbances in both YSRCP and TDP camps in Kurnool district. TDP plans to implement “Akarsh” programme against YSRCP 6 months after the general elections. YSRCP Nandhyala SPY Reddy and Kurnool MP Renuka’s husband Neelakantam have already joined in TDP. It seems that other YSRCP MLAs might follow them within few days. 
Some of the former leaders of TDP who joined in Congress and YSRCP have interested to join in TDP in the district. YSRCP has won 11 Assembly out of 14 in the district. KE Krishna Murthy won Pattikonda Assembly and became Deputy Chief Minister of the state. TDP leader’s domination continued after KE’s victory in the district. CBN ordered the officials for immediate respond to solve the issues raised by TDP in charges than YSRCP MLAs. 
Knowing this inconvenience, YSRCP MLAs thought to join in TDP. Reportedly, Nandikotkur YSRCP MLA is looking towards TDP. 5 YSRCP MLAs from Kurnool and Nandhyala Parliament Segments are in touch with NTR Trust Bhavan. TDP leaders are trying to convince existing TDP in charges before YSRCP MLAs enter into the party.