5000 shots for Baahubali – That’s record

Truly standing up to the synonym ‘magnum opus’, ace director Rajamouli is making sure that the flick sounds huge and tall in all dimensions. Not just the budget that is talked about, but the kinds of efforts being poured into his ‘Baahubali’ are a discussion now.

Using Visual Effects to create special effects has become a regular task for movie makers now. But creating realistic environments and digital set extensions is always a daunting task irrespective of the technology and creative they put. Rajamouli is one director who makes use of such VFX quite well since his Magadheera. So far Indian movies have had about 3000 vfx shots in their flicks, while our director’s Eega had around 2000 shots created by the visual effects departments. And this time Baahubali is going to create records with more 5000 shots created virtually in VFX studios.

Currently the team of Baahubali is busy filming a massive war sequence on Prabhas, Rana and others. Talk is that more than the real production of this film, VFX work is literally costing a bomb. So, is the output anyway!