Gossip: How This Star Cut An Editor To Size

She is a celebrity also loved for her philanthropy. She is currently doing a film which is a Kannada remake in which she will be playing the role of a journo.The makers decided to use an actual newspaper office for shooting the scenes in the film and approached a leading daily for the same.Now, the editor of the local section of this newspaper had in the past carried a negative article about this actress accusing her of plagiarism regarding fashion designs.

Since then, the actress has stayed away from this publication as she was upset with what she believed to be incorrect reporting.But when she came to the office for shooting, this editor did not go and greet her but sat in the cabin the whole day hoping that the actress would come and pay her respects of her own accord! But nothing of that sort happened!The actress was very professional, completed her shooting, even posed for selfies with the domestic staff there and left the building while the editor was languishing in the cubicle.

It’s not just stars who throw tantrums, but this is one occasion where a celebrity cut an editor to size.