#Metoo: Asha Saini Reveals Shocking Pics

Noted actress Asha Saini aka Flora Saini came out with her #Metoo story, revealing shocking pictures of her bruised face. She accused producer Gaurang Doshi of harassment, back when she dated him.

Asha Saini dated producer Gaurang Doshi in 2007 and now she revealed the story of his abuse for more than a year. In the pictures, Asha had a fractured jaw and bruises all ovr the face. Asha did not want to reveal the story then because he was a powerful personality in film industry and she was relatively new.

Saini says she was threatened that she will not work in the industry again and he even replaced her with other actresses and people didn’t want to meet or audition her. Asha finally says she felt it is time to reveal her #Metoo story as she feels that there are lot more women who have suffered and been suffering like her.

While many women across the nation are coming out with #MeToo stories, like Tanushree Dutta and Chinmayi Sripada also by revealing the names of men who harassed them, Asha Saini posting the her story with pictures really shocked and moved all.