60 Lakh Fake Voters in MP Voters List

Now that Karnataka is over and BJP lost its chance to form the government, all eyes are on Madhya Pradesh where Assembly Elections will be held later this year (2018). The latest revelation on the voters list in Madhya Pradesh has come as a major shocker. Apparently, a whopping 60 Lakh ‘Fake’ Voters have been enrolled in the Voters List ahead of Assembly polls. 60 Lakh voters amount to 12 per cent which is very crucial in deciding the mandate of the state elections.What is raising more doubts is that the population of the state grew as per government records grew by 24 percent in 10 years whereas the voters increased by 40 percent.

Taking this goof-up to the Election Commission’s notice, Congress submitted a serious complaint to the EC to investigate the issue. Responding on it, the EC has formed four teams to look into the issue. The EC has asked the 4 teams to conduct a detailed investigation and told them to door-to-door verification and advised them to rectify immediately if found any irregularities. The EC told its teams to take corrective and swift action on the issue.

While BJP is currently ruling in Madhya Pradesh under Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s leadership, Congress leadership in MP is accusing the BJP of doing malpractices in run up to 2018 Assembly polls. Congress senior leader Jyotiraditya Scindia stated that the Congress has done extensive scrutinization of the voters list in all the constituencies and found out several glaring mistakes including finding one voter listed in all the 26 lists.

Meanwhile, the Chief Election Officer Saleena Singh too responded on the issue. However, she said hasn’t agreed to the Congress allegation of having 60 lakh fake voters. She said so far 3.86 lakh names of fake voters have been “identified” and “deleted” and more likely to be removed after found that they are fake. She said she is monitoring the situation thoroughly and taking help of the district collectors.

State BJP too responded and asked the EC to remove such fake names from the voters list and rectify the flaws.