700-Year-Old Gets Injected With Saline Bottles

Generally, saline drips are given to patients who have been too weak to take something in through their mouths. But here, a 700-year-old living legend, none other than a Banyan tree, is getting such treatment.

In what is called world’s second largest Banyan tree which is located in Pillalamarri village of Mahabunagar district, forest officials are now pouring huge efforts to make sure that it won’t dry. A huge number of termites started destroying the ficus tree, officials tried to pump chemical into the stem, but it failed. For that reason, now they are giving saline-drips, infusing the chemical solution drop by drop, in order to save the tree.

Way back in December 2017, visiting this tree by tourists got closed and officials are on the job of breathing life into it. They have put a saline drip of chemical Chloropyrifos bottles for every two metres of the giant legend. There are almost hundred such bottles placed all over the tree.

Also by providing some chemically treated water to the roots to building concrete pillars to support the branches and preventing them from breaking up, officials are trying hard to save this legend.

On the other hand, the world’s largest Banyan tree is Thimmamma Marrimanu located in Anantapur district near Kadiri, according to the Guinness Book of World records.