9 Days After TDP Quits, Amit Shah Wakes Up

Nine days after TDP quit NDA and moved a no-confidence motion, BJP’s national president Amit Shah has finally woken up. After conducting a series of meetings with AP BJP’s leaders and political consultants such as Prashant Kishor and considering intelligence reports over the huge furore against BJP among AP people, Amit Shah has ‘cried’ over TDP quitting NDA in his 9-page letter.

He called that TDP’s decision to quit NDA as “unfortunate” and “unilateral”. As usual, Shah dubbed that the reasons for TDP quitting as “political”. Despite Naidu’s reiteration that he is quitting only for Andhra Pradesh, people against the injustice meted out to AP, Shah’s letter claimed otherwise.

On the other hand, TDP maintained that it has given more than enough time to BJP and quit NDA in a step-by-step manner but Amit Shah or BJP or PM Modi didn’t bother to respond then. They stated that TDP has quit NDA only one week after pulling out its two MPs from Union Cabinet. Chandrababu and TDP leaders made it clear that TDP had been patient for four years but BJP has done nothing to AP with gross negligence.