‘Aadi Should Stop Outdated Themes’

While his contemporaries are coming up with unique points and scripts, our young hero is mindlessly sticking to that ‘old wine’. Even in terms of presentation, the ‘old wine’ is showed in a ‘rusted bottle’, but not in new one.
Aadi has come up with another love story, ‘Lovely’. Many people are okay with the performance of hero but are lashing out at the story. There is no logic or gripping screenplay to enthrall the audience. Same is the case with his first movie ‘Premakavali’ too. A girl was photographed by unknown and gets blackmailed before hero saves her, is the story. Coming to ‘Lovely’, father goes to any extent for the welfare of his child.
We are watching such films from 1950s. Cine lovers say that Aadi should come up with interesting scripts that can redefine the experience of cinema. A Critic says, ‘he should stop signing outdated themes. If he is not going to stop, then people will stop watching him’. Hope, Aadi will take good decision soon.