Aamir Khan rates Salman above him

Egos are quite common in film industry. And if it is regarding the Number One position in the industry, Egos are sure to come in way. However, Aamir Khan is always above these petty egos. Speaking to a National Newspaper, He placed Salman Khan above him in popularity.
In his words, he said, “I think, at this point of time, Salman’s popularity is on a big high. I personally believe he is much more popular than I am. I am a fan of Salman Khan’s. I love watching his movies. I must tell you a secret. I do not know how to whistle. But whenever Salman organizes a trial of his film for me; which he always does; I carry a plastic whistle with me and I bring the house down with my ceetis. I don’t know about Shah Rukh. I can’t compare us.”