Aamir Khan to go to Mecca

Aamir Khan who is currently shooting for his upcoming movie Talaash in US, will be wrapping up his shooting schedule there very soon and take his mother Zeenat Hussain for Hajj. Aamir is extremely close to his mother and has become even more protective of her after the death of his father Tahir Hussain in February 2010.
He recently asked her if he could get her a gift and she expressed her desire to go on a pilgrimage. Since women can only go to Hajj accompanied either by their husband, brother or son, Aamir has promised his mother that he will make the trip to Mecca with her. Extremely sentimental about the promise he has made to his mum, Khan refrained from comment.
He even got his mother to shift from Pune to Mumbai, in an apartment in the same building as his. And the actor actually spends more time in his mum’s house than he does in his own.