Abbayitho Ammayi was to be Naga Shaurya’s debut film?


Naga Shaurya’s latest offering Abbayitho Ammayi is releasing on January 1st as New Year Special. In one of the promotional interviews of the film, the film’s director, Ramesh Varma revealed an interesting fact about the film. “Abbayitho Ammayi was supposed to be Naga Shaurya’s debut film.

But none of the producers were ready to take the risk with a debutante back then.

So we had to wait for two years for this project to materialize,” he said. Ramesh Varma’s last outing, Veera with Raviteja is a big disaster. Abbayitho Ammayi is 999th film of Maestro Ilayaraja. A new girl, Palak Lalwani is making her debut with this film.