ABN RK Sends Legal Notice To Pawan Kalyan

Calling that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is making baseless allegations against him, ABN MD Radha Krishna has now sent legal notices to the actor-politician treading in the lines of Srini Raju of TV9.

In his notice, RK stated that Pawan is spreading malicious words about him for his political benefits but nothing else. RK mentioned that Pawan’s tweets are instigating his fans to attack ABN reporters, vans and other properties. He demanded that Pawan Kalyan should remove the tweets and tender an open apology as well. Otherwise, he threatened the Janasena leader of civil, criminal and defamation suits.

In the view of Pawan Kalyan already saying that ‘tweets are personal’ and they will never have legal sanctity, we’ve to see how will he respond to ABN RK’s legal notice. But this entire notice thing gave an interesting twist.

Right from last week, not even a single tweet became a news bulletin in ABN like in some other channels on whom Pawan poured accusations. However, today while talking about RK’s legal notice, ABN showcased the tweets of Pawan Kalyan for the first time on their channel. Fans are rejoicing that in one way or the other, PK is always a content on the daily news.