Abusing Pawan: All Eyes On Chiru’s Good Friend

What are those advises Ram Gopal Varma want to give to anyone including Sri Reddy are purely his personal stuff. But there are those in this film industry who maintain quite cordial and deep relations. And people are now waiting to see the reaction of one such good friend of the Mega family.

There is no need to explain how close Megastar Chiru and Nagarjuna are. Recently they have flaunted their huge camaraderie at Hello audio launch event where Akhil called Chiru as pedananna and Chiru saying that Akhil is their second son. Amidst these equations, will now Nagarjuna open up on Varma advising Sri Reddy to foul mouth Pawan Kalyan?

People close to Nagarjuna say that he’s a very sensitive and serious person, and definitely when the actor meets Varma for their upcoming film “Officer”, he will ask him about this. Some say that already Nagarjuna might have messaged Varma about this, giving him black and blue.

Mega fans are eagerly looking forward if Nagarjuna will tweet about this and condemn the way Varma is trying to sling mud on Chiru’s brother through Sri Reddy. Though Nagababu stated that all the big stars need not respond to all these things, the arrival of star heroes to talk about these issues will surely make a difference.