I Acted For Free in Many Films: Sudheer Babu

Sudheer Babu is the new kid on the block in the club of actors-turned-producers. As many actors and heroes turn producers to have control over their films and to earn more from their films, what is the reason behind Sudheer Babu’s production debut. Has he earned a lot of money from acting and now putting that money into production?

“(Laughs). Frankly, I haven’t earned money from my films. I acted for free in most of my films. In fact, over 50 percent of my films, I hardly got money. Turning into producer wasn’t deliberate or pre-planned. Situations have made me turn into a producer,” shares Sudheer.

What exactly are the situations that have pushed him to take up production. “Honestly, the original producer of the film has dropped for his personal reasons. Director and me are very close and we have been thinking and finally, I decided to produce the film. I’ve so much confidence on the film’s script that made me to take over the film.”

So, why did you launch your own production banner instead of producing the film on Superstar Krishna’s banner or your brother-in-law Mahesh Babu’s production banner? “See, I’m an independent person. I’ve been acting on my own. I’ve struggled and faced a lot of difficulties in this journey. I have never sought anyone’s help in getting roles. If I want to be dependent, I could have just followed by my Dad’s business and would have worked from 9 to 5 pm and would have spent time with family happily. But I chose this field since I love it. I want to make my own name. That’s why I didn’t produce Nannu Dochukunduvate in Mahesh Babu production banner or Padmalaya Productions or Indira Productions.”

Did he consider his market before producing Nannu Dochukunduvate? “Whatever the story has required, we just arranged without compromising. But usually, I choose scripts that suit me and my market.”

The urban romance features Sudheer Babu as Karthik, a dead-serious boss without any emotions or sentiments and how he changes for good and what comes in between make Nannu Dochukunduvate. Sudheer Babu is pretty confident of the film and says he is quite elated after watching the film. He said he is keeping his fingers crossed to see how audiences would receive the film.