Actor Sivaji’s Sensational Comments on Operation Garuda

Unfazed by any sort of political pressure, actor Sivaji continues to raise his strong voice against the Centre and its injustice to the new state of Andhra Pradesh. In a sensational claim, Sivaji said that he is under life threat and said he is “not worried though”.

Sivaji stated that he is aware of Operation Garuda (An intelligent report named Operation Garuda that revealed BJP’s plan to destroy TDP in AP completely using Pawan’s Janasena, Jagan’s YSRCP as troopers ) much much before than anyone else in the state i.e 8 months before and stated that he would reveal all the details in a couple of days and he stated that he would reveal all the details today (Mar 22, 2018) evening.

Sivaji said that the details of Operation Garuda will be an eye opener to the people, politicians, political parties who have become “scapegoats”.

Sivaji asked Pawan Kalyan to focus on the state’s rightful demands at this crucial time. He advised Pawan to take on Centre and its step-wise attempt to weaken AP. Sivaji enthused confidence that AP would get Special Category Status. Sivaji also demanded a Special Financial Assistance to the backward districts of North Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Sivaji said that AP demands more than the Special Category Status and asked Pawan to join the fight against the Centre.