Actress charges Rs 36 lakhs per 5 minutes

Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra was paid Rs 36 lakhs to turn spiritual for 5 minute. If you can’t believe this, read the story below.
“This life which was given by the God is very beautiful, as I have two hands, I can walk, I can talk with you and I can hear you. God has given to me everything because he thinks I’m his child. Coming to here and sitting on this stage reminded me of this words after a long time. For that, I thank you,” said Priyanka, while speaking at the event.
Hearing Priyanka’s words if you come to a conclusion that the hot beauty turned spiritual, then you are mistaken. The organisers have paid for her every word and for her every minute stay at the event. For this event, Priyanka came straight away from the airport and she was accompanied by her father. She pocketed Rs 36 lakhs for a 5 minute appearance at the event.
However, Piggy Chops avoided the media after sensing that they might question about she getting pricey. In the past, we have seen many celebs charging money for their presence at events, weddings and other promotional activities. But, Priyanka has taken this to a next level by charging the staggering amount per 5 minutes. Who hates having money?