Why Is This Actress Laughing At Sridevi’s Funeral?

Tragedy surrounded the Indian fans as soon as they heard the news of Lady Superstar Sridevi’s untimely demise. The actress who went to Dubai to attend a family wedding returned home as a dead body taking everyone by a huge shock. When everyone is crying rivers, a Bollywood beauty spotted laughing at Sridevi’s funeral.

After completing all the procedural work which took three days, Sridevi’s mortal remains were brought back to India and kept in the Celebration Club other day for everyone to pay homage. From film fraternity to normal people, so many fans, friends and family members came and paid their respects. Some even cried seeing Sridevi lying motionless but Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez seems to be happy and is seen laughing.

Usually, people look so sad and paint a dull picture at the funerals but it seems like Jacky is enjoying. She actively greeted everyone and was seen laughing which shocked not only the people there but also the netizens. Some say that Jacky is not so emotionally connected and hence this laughing, while others felt that the Lankan beauty gave a happy send-off to Sridevi rather shedding tears.

But, the fans are wondering what did really made Jacqueline laugh enough laugh at a funeral.