Why Actress Rekha Silent On ‘Mahanati’?

It is already known to many that Dr Kamala Selvaraj, the 1st daughter of Gemini Ganesan (born for Alimelu) expressed her utter sorrow on the film “Mahanati” for showing her father’s character in a negative way. She alleged that it was not her father who made Savitri habituated to liquor as shown in the film. Apart from that she also expressed her grief for showing as if Gemini Ganesan loved only Savitri but not Alimelu.

Well, everything said by her is underlined by the world. But the question of many is why the Bollywood actress Rekha, the celeb daughter of Gemini Ganesan is still silent on Mahanati?

It was shown in the film as if Gemini Ganesan had brief affair with Pushpavalli to whom Rekha was born. It’s implied in the film that Pushpavalli was not a wife of Gemini Ganesan but just a mistress. In many cases, this would disturb the children when the mother was shown so. Many are discussing about this but Rekha is maintaining her silence. Though she earlier said that she is looking forward to watch Mahanati, that seems to be just a statement.

The insiders say that she hasn’t even attended the funeral of Gemini Ganesan earlier which means she is not attached to him much to give any statement against Mahanati.