Actress upset with Rajamouli’s remark

Director Rajamouli is not known for making negative remarks at anyone. He always boasts of others and maintains his ‘Ajatha Satruvu’ status. Although he is aware of the mistakes and short comings of others, Rajamouli keeps distant from talking about those.
But Rajamouli surprised everyone when he said that actress Nithya Menon should keep a watch on her weight. Rajamouli watched Ishq and liked it. He praised Nitin for being persistent and also has rich praises for Nithya’s performance. But his only complaint was that the actress is on weightier side. “Nitya menon. I love her performance. Completely Natural! Hope she minds her weight a bit” is what Rajamouli has to say about her.
Nitya is upset with these comments of the superstar director. She hates people calling her fat or short. She reacted wildly when one journo took a dig at her by asking if she is ready to star opposite six foot tall Prabhas. Let us see if she reacts to Rajamouli’s comment on a public forum or in an interview.