Adivi Sesh Talking Like Rajamouli!

There is a joke in Tollywood that Rajamouli makes movies based on fairy tales he heard as a kid. Rajamouli in many interviews said that the stories of Magadheera and Eega were narrated to him by his father as bed-time stories when he was a kid.Fact is that the scenes and sequences of many of his blockbuster are either inspired by old Telugu movies or Hollywood movies like ‘Troy’, ‘300’ and ‘Gladiator’, etc, but he keeps telling the above line.

This is why Tollywood folks during formal chats joke that Rajamouli came to the industry with his bedtime stories.
Similarly, Adivi Sesh is weaving the same line. The talented actor who co-wrote ‘Kshanam’, which won great critical acclaim, is now coming up with ‘Goodachari’, a spy thriller.The handsome hunk is also playing the lead role in the movie. He says that he wrote the story of this movie when he was in his teens.

However, he says that his ‘childhood’ story didn’t fit well for the current times. Hence director Sasikiran and he changed it to suit the current trend.’Goodachari’ is scheduled for August 3rd release. It marks the return of Supriya Yarlagadda, actor Nagarjuna’s niece, to silver screen.