Adult CDs,Condoms seized from Ashram !

Condom packets, Ganjai, several compact disks and some burnt magazines were seized by police at Nithyananda’s ashram.
Karnataka government on Wednesday passed orders to Ramnagar district joint collector and SP to conduct searches in Nithyananda’s Dhyanapeetam ashram in Bidadi. Around 50 police men thronged into the ashram and searched every nook and corner in the premises. Few hard disks and documents were recovered from the devotees of the godman. In the server room of the ashram, 20 computers, thousands of DVDs and 4 video cameras were found.
Ever since the Karnataka government hinted the arrest, Nithyananda went absconding. Police teams conducting searches at Tamilnadu, Madurai and Karnataka to nab him at the earliest. Rumors were making rounds that he is hiding in a luxurious resort.