Adult Content: Case Filed On The TV Shows


Telugu audience love fun.. comedy. That’s the reason why most of the filmmakers try to make ‘entertainers’.  Action entertainer, Comedy Entertainer, Family entertainter so on so forth.  Whatever be the film, ‘entertainment’ should be there.  Situation is same on the small screen also.  There are several comedy shows in the Telugu TV channels.  But the trouble is that the adult content has become rampant in these shows.  There is severe criticsm on the extremely popular show Jabardasth for its double meaning dialgoues and adult conent.  Irated with this kind of shows a person has filed a police complaint.


Censor Board member Nandanam Diwakar has filed a complaint in Balanagar Police Station.  He said that the dialogues in these programs are crossing the limits and audience are unable to watch these shows with the family.  These programs will have negative impact on the behavior of youth.  He requested the police to take immediate action to control this kind of programs.   He felt that it is unfortunate that these programs are anchored by celebrities like Roja and Naga Babu.

Apart from this police complaint, senior filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja expressed his opinions on these TV programs through his You Tube channel with the title ‘Naa Alochana’ sometime back.  He opined that “The programmes like Jabardasth that are being telecasted on TV are high on double meaning dialogues. It is not expected from a TV channel that is owned by the great Ramoji Rao”.