Adult content in ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ ?

We are talking about a latest Telugu movie that deals with the raw-crush between genders and the after effects. The headline is enough to explain the intensity that film is carrying.
Award winning director Sunil Kumar Reddy’s latest film ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ is dealing with a raw and inspiring story line this time, facing heat from Child Rights Activists. In a particular scene, young girls are seen stuffing ‘buns’ to show their assets rounded and big. All these may sound bitter but are happening very often in reality. Maybe poor people are using such ‘buns’, but rich brats are seen buying ‘padded supports’ that cost more than a thousand to give their assets a curvy look.
The whole content of ‘ORCK’ is to make a point that kids know everything from childhood and the only thing a parent should do is channelize their thoughts, which otherwise will become uncontrollable devilish ideas. But general public and activists are feeling the ‘adult’ side of this content but not the actual intention it is made up of. Looks like, this is an acid test for director.