Aged Heroine busy with Thai Massages to look Younger !

This heroine is has ruled the roost for a great deal of time, but is now fearing that her career might take a u-turn. Apparent reason for thinning of offers is her growing age and the growing number of young heroes in tinsel town.
Petite beauty Trisha rubbished off rumors earlier that she is worried about her aging face that can be noticed. But, after ‘Dammu’ got out in theaters, her age is quite noticeable and she is no more a young looking cute chick. Sources are saying that Trisha, who is now on a holiday trip to East Asian countries, is gearing up for a massage in Thailand to get back her lost glow.
This special Thai-massage with mud, clay and hot pebbles rubbed around the body will keep off wrinkles and reduces aging of skin. This petite hottie will be soon romancing RaviTeja for the second time in an untitled flick.