Agnyathavasi Kadu, Agnanavasi

Pawan’s staunch detractor Kathi Mahesh is back. He has targeted Pawan yet again over the actor-politician’s latest speeches.

Describing Pawan Kalyan as ‘Agnaanavaasi’ (Knowledge-less) instead of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ (Prince in Exile), Kathi Mahesh alleged that Pawan has no knowledge, awareness on various issues.

He questioned Pawan’s double-standards over his opinion on caste, “If he opposes caste system, on what basis he welcomed the Kapu reservations? Even if he agree or not, Kapus have been identifying Janasena as their party, even Pawan’s political party can’t deny the Kapu tag it has.”

Kathi Mahesh went onto allege that Pawan is a part-time politician who speaks out when he is free from his film shootings and when CM Chandrababu Naidu wants him to speak to save him from any issues. Kathi went onto allege that Janasena activists and Pawan fans know to threaten people and abuse people.

“Is he going to run the party with goons?” Kathi asked. He further asked why Pawan is not questioning Chiru for cheating people and his party men. Kathi Mahesh’s fresh comments are expected to ignite more heat among the mega fans.