Aish and Abhishek fight publicly

They are treated as best couple of Indian film industry and also they are the only pair earning high with commercial ads. Yes, we are talking about Aishwarya rai and Abhishek both of them attend many parties and functions and impress many with their love on each other. But that’s not the real thing happening between them.

Recently they both attended a party which was held by Ambani, while everything was going fine Aishwarya rai shouts out loudly on Abhishek and leaves away from function. Abhishek who is in confused state with this issue stood there for a while and left all of sudden. This almost shocked everyone in party.
It is heard that Aishwarya is trying to act back in films with other heroes and this is not at all encouraged by Abhishek and a small fight is also started between both of them on this issue. Aishwarya was already in news for fighting with Jaya bacchan and they strikes it off as a rumor but this seems to be not a rumor.