Aishwarya rai attends school

Aishwarya rai was miss world and she also won many international awards, she can speak fluent English and also walked on many international red carpets. But she is now going to school, don’t get surprised it’s all about her daughter Aaradhya attending play school from past few days and Aish is on air for this news.

Aishwarya rai is attending to play school with her daughter daily and she is also making sure that she stays for a long time with her daughter. Aishwarya rai skipped a film shoot to bring back her daughter from school shows how interested she is in being a mom.

In fact there are few clashes going on in family regarding this issue. Recently Aishwarya rai shouted on Abhishek in a party and left from party, now bollywood is gossiping that Abhishek is forcing Aish to act and she is not willing to act and she would like to stay with her daughter. No matter what happens Aish is waiting for her daughter to grow up in a good culture and climate.