Aishwarya Rai stunning look at Cannes 2012

From a couple of weeks, the whole world that loves to adore beautiful woman is worried about the look of this aunty. End of the day, she shocked all of them with her scintillating aura!
World famous ravishing aunty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has finally appeared at Cannes Film Festival. She shocked everyone with her slimmer body shape and toned looks. Much to everybody’s anticipation that she will look like a fatso, she glowed at the venue in a mid-size look. And, thanks to her Indian style clothing, which haven’t traced her curves tightly. People say that Aish had gone through a surgery to get that curved look with a little bit of weight.
But, there are some who deny the hand of knife behind her slimmer shapes. ‘Strict dieting and a couple of hours on treadmill and yoga have worked out wonders for Aish in a lesser time’, says a source close to Bachchan family. Anyways, the gorgeous starlet has disappointed none of her fans!