Akhil Akkineni reveals his first love

Akhil Akkineni is not just famous by his dad’s presence in film industry but he also maintains some good contacts in film industry and maintains a good fan following in social networking sites. Akhil entry to industry is always a top class news for  media.

Akhil in his recent interview reveals that his first love is “C”. Wow don’t get excited, C is not a name of any girl but it’s CINEMA. Akhil says that the day he saw a film he fell in love with it and will always work hard to make sure that his cinema stays with him forever.
Talking about late ANR, “I was very much connected to tatayya and he would always teach me how to act and how to behave with people around me. He gave much importance to our culture and he never liked to encourage western culture in our Telugu films, Hope I will get a perfect cultured movie for my debut”.