Is Akhil Braving His V Sentiment?

Akhil, the young scion of the Akkineni family, is yet to score a solid hit to announce that he has truly arrived in Tollywood. While his debut film ‘Akhil’ was a colossal flop, his second outing ‘Hello’, although gained positive reviews, ended up as an average fare at the box office.

With a strong determination to clinch the much needed hit, Akhil finally zeroed in on Tholi Prema director Venky Atluri for his third film, after holding discussions with a few directors. But here’s a strong ‘V sentiment’ that Akhil is risking with on this crucial project.

The first initial of the names of all the three Akhil directors – VV Vinayak, Vikram Kumar and now Venky Atluri – is ‘V’. Even though this may look like a negligible coincidence, sentiments and superstitions run strongly in Tollywood and it will be interesting to see if Akhil manages to break the V jinx eventually.