Akira is like his Dad: Renu Desai

Actress-turned-director Renu Desai is all excited, gungho about her children Akira Nandan and Aadya. Drawing comparisons to her kids and their superstar dad Pawan Kalyan, Renu shared, “Aadya looks like her dad but her habits, hobbies are same like me. 
Whereas Akira is contrary to it. Although he has my looks his tastes, manners are more like Pawan.” “Like Pawan, Akira prefers to eat spicy food. Anything he does, he does it seriously and sincerely. Aadya is like me. She wants to eat home food like me,” added Renu. 
Renu, who ventured into production in Marathi, recently turned into director with her maiden flick Ishq Wala Love. While the movie bagged mixed reviews in the original, the actress is planning to release it in Telugu shortly.