Akkineni Akhil Vs Nandamuri Mokshagna !


Akkineni Family’s future hope, Akhil, is all set to debut Tollywood amidst the elections tension. Similarly, Nandamuri’s heir Mokshagna too is planning to debut Tollywood this year. As per the situation in the present Andhra Pradesh, we can say that it is not safe for youngsters to debut Tollywood.

Majority of the flicks of the big shot heroes are now in risk as the situation in the state is quite unpredictable and releasing a flick itself is becoming a hectic task. In this scenario, “How far can Akhil and Mokshagna swim in Tollywood?” turned out to be a hot topic.

More over, Akhil is coming up with class style and Mokshagna is planning for a mass debut and “Who will be the best among the two?” turned interesting. There are chances for Mokshagna to get good craze as he is going to replace Balayya in the industry. Chances for Akhil too is too good as he is being termed as Jr.Prince of Tollywood. Tollywood is expected to encounter tough fight this year!