Ali On Fight With Pawan Kalyan

Rumours were rife that all is not well between friends Pawan Kalyan and Ali. Responding to all those speculations, comedian Ali has responded in his own style sarcastically, “Yes, Pawan and me have developed differences due to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka (laughs). I’m going to ask Pawan tomorrow that we both fought over Ivanka,” said Ali wittily.

Ali clairfies, “There is no issue between to us to fight or have differences. Recently, he has invited me for the inauguration of his party office. I went to him with Telugu Quaran. Someone has got him Bhagavad Gita. This is coincidence.”

Expounding on his relation with Pawan since early days, Ali recalls, “Pawan and me have been friends even before he has become hero. I had first met him at house when I went to meet Chiranjeevi garu. Pawan had invited me into house with affection and told me that Chiranjeevi garu was bathing. Since then we have become very close friends. Except his first film and his recent film Agnyaathaavasi, I have acted in all his films.”

Ali On Political Entry

Responding to his foray into active politics, Ali said, “When time comes, no one can stop. In 1999, Murali Mohan garu has got me membership in TDP. I’ve campaigned for TDP in many constituencies then. If you ask my decision now, I can’t say now. If I tell now, the heat will go down. Upma Pesarattu is good to eat when it is only hot (laughs).”

Talking about speculations that he would join Janasena, Ali shared, “So far, Pawan and me have never discussed about politics. His mind set is such that he takes total responsibility for both victory, failure. Pawan tells me, ‘Are you interested? Do you believe in me? If so, join’.”