Ali revealed Power Star’s shooting incident

Many think that life of stars is very easy with them getting all facilities and if they can not perform any stunts, then dupes are always there and in romance they will not leave the chance to any one. Many feel heroes from top families will be given special treatment.

However Ali revealed Power Star was given ‘Run for his Money’. He recollected the shooting incident in ‘Jalsa’, where baddies take him in a Maruti Van, the scene in which Pawan was shown running over the uphill road.

Ali said there was camera in maruti van and in the first shot when Pawan ran for 3 km, film makers found that camera was not working. They asked Pawan to reshoot and Pawan once again had to run all the 3 km. This time another problem came and when unit members requested him for another take, he vented out his feelings saying even they are humans.