All odds in favor of Racha

Ram Charan’s impeccable dedication made sure that there is no delay in release of Racha. Preparations are fully on to release the film on April 5th without any delay. Despite suffering from leg injury, Charan is completing the balance songs shoot by taking pain relieving injections and pills. The makers are not wasting anytime on editing and other things as they have made arrangements to edit the songs then and there.
Racha will be censored on 2nd April and will release on 5th in time in all the areas. Super Good Films is going for an all out release as the movie is going to have simultaneous release in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Making sure to release the movie on April 5th has turned the odds in favor of Racha. Why because it is going to be the first biggest release in Telugu in three months. It has been a while since Businessman and Bodyguard were released and the movie loving Telugu audiences are craving for a big release.