Allu Aravind’s Push To Dil Raju

Both these mega producers are friends and secret partners in business from a long time. Now, with Allu Aravind pushing his own movie to Dil Raju, people are wondering!
Latest buzz in tinsel town is that Allu Aravind has placed a profit making venture in the hands of Dil Raju. It is nothing but the distribution of small budget wonder ‘Ee Rojullo’ movie. As youth laid a red-carpet to this movie, makers have opted to increase theatres to a double. All the makers of this movie, including director Maruthi, producer SKN are thick friends with stylish star Allu Arjun.
It is heard that Allu Aravind helped a lot for this movie during release and publicity. Irrespective of all these, now he has kept the hands of ‘Ee Rojullo’ in Dil Raju’s company. While no one sensing something fishy here, they say that Aravind’s busy has made him deflect this movie out of his camp. With all his recent distribution ventures failing, ‘Ee Rojullo’ is a push for Dil Raju too.