Allu Arjun’s Calculations Came True, Thanks To Nani

Already he has given a riddled message on the last day of his stint as Big Boss 2 host, saying that this is his last day inside the Big Boss for life. And that gave rise to a suspicion that the Natural Star will exit from the show. Today he confirmed that he will never return to Big Boss as a host. A person close to Mega camp revealed that today every hero will be appreciating the calculations of Allu Arjun. When Star Maa first approached this mega hero to host this show, neither the remuneration nor the offer itself hasn’t excited him. Because he knows that hosting this show is not an easy task, owing to the way people will be reacting on it.

When NTR hosted the show, the format is new to Telugu audiences and it took the whole season to understand about it. And now, the audiences know more about the game than the host and contestants. That’s the reason, there is more trolling, more mud slinging and more fans. Calculating all this advance, Allu Arjun felt like pushing himself into a risky land if he accepts the offer, hence said a big NO.

With Nani himself revealing that he can’t take that much of negativity surrounding the show, people say that this is what Allu Arjun also expected. Well, so who is going to host the show from now?