Amala Paul and Trisha out of RaviTeja’s Movie

It is high time for Raviteja to prove his caliber yet again. Why because people have started to take him lightly of late. They are looking at him like a flop star on the brink of his career. Therefore, heroines are choosing others films over Raviteja’s movies if a clash is inevitable. Recently Amala Paul walked out of Raviteja’s Sir Vastharu film.
Amala chose Ram Charan’s film over Raviteja ‘Sir’ and said sorry to the makers. When the director and producer are in search for a suitable replacement, the main female lead in this film, Trisha too cited dates problems and left the project. She took up a Tamil film with Jeeva in this place. Trisha’s career is not shining in Tollywood in the recent times.
Trisha needs to be a part of Raviteja’s film to keep her hopes alive in Tollywood. But she didn’t care about the consequences and walked out of it. Raviteja’s recent track record should be one of the reasons for heroines to think twice about pairing up with him. Time has come for Raviteja to sound massive Daruvu and make everyone regret for missing a great chance.