Amaravati is TDP Capital, Not for AP – Pawan

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan continued his attack on TDP. Dubbing the capital city of Amaravati being built in 33,000 acres as TDP’s ‘exclusive’ capital and not ‘inclusive’ capital, Pawan has alleged that the planned capital city is not ‘inclusive’.

Is there a provision to accommodate people from Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema in the capital city of Amaravati? Where will they stay if they come to Amaravati? Has the government planned anything on these lines?” questioned Pawan.

Pawan didn’t stop there. He questioned the spending of government funds for Pushkaralu (a traditional festival dedicated to worshipping of rivers which act as main source of drinking water and providing essential water for life). “Why government has spent crores of rupees on Pushkaram? Why can’t they use those funds to the poor who are drying in the agencies in Uttarandhra?”

When asked about why was he silent all these four years and why is he bursting out on TDP now, Pawan reasoned that he had been waiting and was constantly ‘persuaded’ him with the ‘convincing’, ‘compromising’ answers from the state government. Pawan put complete blame on TDP and said that the people has lost complete trust on TDP.

Since they compromised all these 4 years, people have no faith, trust on TDP. We have no trust at all on TDP even if they now come and say that they’re fighting for the state,” said Pawan making TDP full responsible for the scenario today in the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

Surprisingly, Pawan maintained his silence on BJP. When media has asked Pawan to respond on Amit Shah’s letter to Chandrababu Naidu that has bundle of lies, Pawan said that there is no need to respond on a letter from the president of a political party. Pawan said, “Had the letter was from the Government of India or a person representing the government, I’d have responded. He (Amit Shah) has written the letter in the capacity of a party chief. So, there is no need to respond.

This biased nature of Pawan towards BJP is clearly visible and conspicuous.