Amit Shah Seeks Telugu Swami’s Help!

Swami Paripoornananda has got a phone call from BJP’s top leadership. As per latest reports, Paripoornananda has been summoned to Delhi to discuss the Telangana politics.

There have been several speculations that BJP is endorsing Paripoorananda as the party’s face in Telangana and it wants promote Swamy like UP’s Yogi Adityanath. The Lotus Party is eyeing Swami Paripoornanda to endorse him like Yogi Adityanath of South India.

Considering that Swami has huge following and commands respect from Hindus, he is the possible face of Telangana. Even the Telangana state BJP leaders have been informed the decision and they said to have given their consent to Swami.

Meanwhile, Swami too has made crucial comments about his political plunge. He said he leave the decision to the Goddess Ammavaru. He said he has left his decision on political entry to the Goddess. He said any decision belonging to his life would be taken by her. He also said he would do his best to save the Desam (Country) and Dharma.

Swami is said to be holding the discussion with his close disciples and other aides. He is said to be keen to join BJP, RSS if he is invited. Political analysts, insiders say that the stage is all set for Swami’s joining into the BJP.